Numerous mountains of more the 5000 meters rise out the Ecuadorian fragment of the Andes range, On there journey the travelers will find many lakes, rivers, waterfalls, thermal springs, forests, markets, villages and colonial cities. The Highland of the Andes is truthfully diversified and always good for a wonderful surprise.

The city of San Francisco de Quito is located in the Andes, at 2.800 m above sea level. Quito’s main feature is its kindness which invites you to discover its modern and historic treasures which live and harmonize together. This beauty made UNESCO to declare Quito a “World Cultural Heritage" and looking the city over 4100 m, and visiting colonial churches.

Equator’s Monument
The world famous Equator, “Mitad del Mundo” is located only 30 minutes from Quito. Here you will have the opportunity to jump from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere. In the 18th century the French Geodesic Expedition arrived here to perform important researches and investigate the Earth’s actual form. A monument and an interesting Ethnologic Museum were built. The Museum will teach you all the different cultures of Ecuador.

Otavalo market and surroundings
The Otavalo Indians are the most ambitious and prosperous craftsmen/merchants in Ecuador. Ponchos, wooden goods, and Indian jewelry are sold here. Then visit the small town of Cotacachi, known for its genuine leather work. Also visit "Lake Cotacachi" the most beautiful lagoon in Ecuador.

Cotopaxi National Park
Incomparable and impressive place in Ecuador through the Avenue of Volcanoes, the highest active volcano in the world, and the most visited place after Galapagos Islands.

Just two hours away get ready to enjoy a fascinating paradise in the middle of the mountains Mindo, the best place for birdwatchers and orchids as well; unique worldwide nature reserve.

Papallacta Hot Spring
Almost two hours away these thermal baths are the most attractively developed set of hot springs in Ecuador, The hot water is channeled into several swimming pools.

Avenue of Volcanoes
One of the greatest tourist attractions rich in fantasy and excitement in Ecuador is Devil´s nose train adventure. It was built more than 100 years ago and is know as the most difficult railroad way in the world.

"Baños de Agua Santa"
Baños de Agua Santa is located 180 Km from Quito. This town nestled on Tungurahua (5,016 m) active volcano hillside; within a valley with waterfalls and thermal waters is one of the most developed tourist destination in Ecuador.

Ecuadorians consider Cuenca the most charming city, located in a peaceful and relaxing setting. As you enter the city you can notice the outstanding skyline marked by shining church domes. Cuenca´s cobblestone streets, winding rivers, graceful ironwork balconies, and beautiful gardens are part of the pleasant atmosphere of the historical city. The UNESCO declared this place a World Cultural Heritage Site on December 1999.

Gualaceo & Chordeleg
These are a subtropical valley just one hour away from Cuenca, knows for its handicrafts, folklore and jewelry (finest gold and silver filigree at a very reasonable price). 

El Cajas Lakes
The National park is only 40 Km away from Cuenca, this a place for those who love the great outdoors, its 71,186-acre area includes mountains and 232 glacial lagoons, connected to each other by small rivers and streams. Two of the rivers surrounding.