Along the pacific coast tourist can explore sandy beaches, modern seaports and romantic fishing villages, beautiful woods and sandy beaches await you. The Machalilla National Park  still shows ancient footprints of pre-Columbian settlements.
Many colorful fish surround the "Isla de la Plata" and you will find similar landscapes to the ones on the Galapagos islands. Between June and October boats leave the port of Puerto Lopez to observe humpback whales during their mating ritual.
From Guayaquil you can begin the Ruta of Sun " Ruta del Sol " passing lonely beaches as well modern Spas like Salinas or Manta. 
The capital of Guayas province, is the largest and most populated city in Ecuador, it has a tropical climate and is know as the "Pacific Pearl". It is the main port, thus, it is a great economic importance to the country.
The gulf, the river, the monuments, museums, parks and its exhilarating nightlife are part of the attractions.

Main Attractions:
- Malecon 2000
On this safe waterfront walk you´ll find entertainment, culture and nature! Malecon 2000 includes monuments, museums, gardens, fountains, shopping stores, restaurants, bars and IMAX theater, as well as docks and viewpoints. 
- Santa Ana Hill
This unique hill with its charming and colorful houses, after 444 stairs you will have the opportunity to visit many restaurants, shops and art galleries. 
- Iguana´s Park
This place is exceptional for its wildlife. You will see fish, a variety of birds and numerous iguanas, these animals chose this park to feed themselves from its vegetation.
- Historic Park
A natural habitat of mangrove trees, the fresh waters of river and the tropical climate are the perfect setting to bring the past back to life in this 20 acre park. There you can encounter the fauna and flora of the region in the "wildlife zone", the history, cultural manifestations and rural life in the "traditions zone" and the "urban architectonic zone", which holds original pieces from Guayaquil´s antique architecture destroyed by some fires in the XIXth century, to bring back to life what the city once was. 

SALINAS BEACH (almost two hours away from Guayaquil)

Excellent accommodations are found in Salinas, this place is a corridor for migratory bird and marine species. It is a favorite vacation spot for people from Guayaquil. The boardwalk of Salinas is a safe place that offers entertainment day and night "specially weekend or holidays".