Every web site is custom-made, tailored to your business needs and target audience
JCV will create you a professional Web site that is attractive, easy to navigate and informative. By combining these essential elements we will effectively establish an online presence for your business. At JCV Creations we believe personal attention and customer satisfaction come first, generic is not a word we will accept. Every Web site is custom-made, tailored to your business needs and target audience.
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  1. Secure Domain
  2. Organization
  3. Images
  4. Promotion

5. Flash Animation
6. Hosting
7. Maintenance

8. Web Sites


Secure Domain
This first step is very important, because this is how your customers will access your Web site. JCV Creations will research available domain names that match your company name and let you know your best options. We can secure a number of domain names for you to choose from.
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JCV can create your custom tailored Web site in three easy steps.

Step 1 - We will determine the online goals of your business by dissecting your business into different topics. From the information we gather JCV will present a flow chart for your on-line presence. The flow chart will give you a graphic illustration of how your Web site will appear and function.

Step 2 - From there JCV will go to work creating your on-line presence. We will present your Web site via our own JCV Internet construction site so you can follow our progress in the development of your web site. Now that our plan is set, it's time to take action!

Step 3 - Together we will look at your Web site and discuss any changes necessary, make the final changes and then launch your new Web site live over the Internet.
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JCV will work with any existing images you have and make them better. We can get this done a couple different ways. We scan any pictures or prints that you have of your business. We can also take digital photos or you can e-mail us your images. From there the images are worked on for clarity and size and then optimized for the Web.
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Promoting your web site over the internet is essential. 85 percent of online searchers find their destination with search engines. There are millions of people around the world using search engines to look for information and products. A Web site is not earning its keep until it is out there finding traffic on its own and the way to find traffic is with the search engines. At JCV we know how to get your web site recognized by the largest number of search engines, there for increasing the likely hood your site will be chosen. SEO (search engine optimization) will help search engines find your site.

JCV Creations has other promotional ideas that will help establish your online presence.
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Flash Animation
Creating movement on your webpage can attract attention from potential clients. Tasteful animation can stop web surfers in their tracks and bring attention to your company and products. JCV will bring your Web site alive with animated text effects, flash banners and creative logo movement. Each effect can be accompanied with sound.
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Once we are ready to launch your web site over the Internet JCV Creations can host your site. Our hosting service is reliable and will keep your web site visible 24/7/365. We also offer around the clock technical support.
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Maintenance & Upgrading
In the constantly changing business world, keeping your Web site current is essential. The content or graphics may need to be updated from time to time or on a regular basis. JCV Creations will be glad to update your Web site as your business grows.
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